The Oregon Rail Users’ League (ORULE) serves both public and private organizations that operate, use and support railroads in Oregon. ORULE advocates for the rights and needs of railroads and their customers and encourages economic growth for the state.

ORULE grew out of a group of businesses and transportation organizations working in 2003 on a plan to improve key non-highway transportation investments beyond bridges and roads. ORULE has worked successfully ever since to help pass many ConnectOregon programs using bonded lottery funds to provide millions for rail and other non-highway improvements. The ConnectOregon program improves the links between transportation modes and carries a strong economic benefit to the state in the form of jobs, competitive shipping costs and environmental rewards of rail efficiency.

ORULE, in addition, provides a prominent forum for businesses, local and state government, and railroads (including passenger, commuter rail and freight rail interests) to discuss new developments and for coming together to advocate for a historic transportation mode that is capturing an increasingly prominent place in the nation’s transportation present and future. We invite you to join us as an active member of ORULE.